Fast Forward young dairy farmer

Fast forward young dairy farmer in Nakuru County

How do I successfully start my own business as a young dairy farmer?
We present you a challenging intensive programme in all aspects of dairy farm management and economics.

You will be trained by experienced Kenyan and Dutch trainers!

For whom:

  • Future owner/succesors of dairy farms who want to make steps in farming as a business!
  • After graduation Diplome level and ready to start as a farmer
  • If you are open minded to new developments and knowledge
  • General; 50/50 female/male students

Why this training programme?

You will have a better ‘feeling’ due to next reasons:

  • You can care for your family and have an earning in dairy;
  • Dairy cares for environment, social and economical situation in the villages;
  • Dairy is on her way in sense of mechanization and automatization;
  • Dairy serves the community with good quality products for food and nutrition security;
  • Serving farmers as professional in the nature/climate related area in combination with earning your salary/income is the real life;
  • Dairy farmers are taking serious by the county, banks, stakeholders as part of the food security and realizing jobs for people.

What do we do:

in 2 years time you will have 40 training days in all technical issues, managementprogramme and economics

1 month practical period in Kenya

Home assignments to develop and improve your own farm

after the first year you will have 1 month practical period in the Netherlands on  a family dairy farm

You will make your own business plan and present it to the bank

The bank will approve this as a business incubator and will hand over to you a loan to develop the farm further.

Results after the training:

You go back home with your own business plan , ready to start!

You will:

  • Gain more milk and more household/business income;
  • Have higher productivity and use less land, by more pasturing and less ranching;
  • Utilise some fodder crops to overcome the dry periods;
  • Improve the health and growth of calves and fertility of the cows and production of the cows;
  • Use your land in more biobased/ecological principles, for example in using the organic manure.
What are the fees?

At the Start you pay a ½ scholarship fee               1,500 Euros        excl. Board and lodging

After a half  year you pay the second part            1,500 Euros        excl. Board and lodging

After being accredited you go for 1 month to the Netherlands

You pay your own ticket/insurance and visa cost              approximately 750 Euros

You pay the organizational costs of                                         approximately 750 Euros

You stay on a family dairy farm in the Netherlands as an intern (work for board and lodging)

Download the Fast Forward flyer here and spread it amongst your colleagues.

  • Startdatum Locatie
  • 05-09-2023 NAKURU, KENYA
  • Voorkennis
  • • Education or training in food technology and/or agriculture. • Relevant experience. • Competence in the English language
  • Doelgroep
  • Young dairy farmers
  • Studiematerialen
  • Given excess to Its learning, our online learning platform.
  • Duur
  • 8 training weeks and 2 months practical period in a period of 2 years
  • Datum
  • Starting in September 2023 till July 2025

    In Nakuru county in the Centre of Expertise on RVIST location

  • Tijd
  • 2 years
  • Minimale aantal deelnemers
  • 16
  • Maximale aantal deelnemers
  • 20
  • Sluitingsdatum
  • 30 December 2023
  • Locatie
  • Nakuru, Kenya
  • Investering
  • € 3.000,- (look above for futher discription)
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Geen beoordelingen voor deze training