ONLINE Training in dairy farm management

New insights on dairy farm management

There´s a lot at stake when managing a dairy farm. You learn over the years, simply by doing or listening to people with experience. But beware, under the guise of;  ´´I´ve always done it this way´´ you could make mistakes. Therefor it can be good to sometimes reassess and look at the ‘’ why’’ you do the things you do. Go back to basics, you might say.

Through the online training you increase your knowledge about dairy farming, you convert this knowledge into changes for your company, with which you extend the lifespan of your cows, so you produce more and thus realize your economic growth. Get your cash cow now!

You will learn about;

  • Feeding
  • Young stock
  • Housing
  • Health
  • Farm economics

After completing the module you are able to define the most important factors to manage on a dairy farm and have insightful knowledge on how to influence these factors.


  • Farmers, herd managers
  • Teachers, trainers, advisors
  • Aspirant trainers of franchise partners of Dairy Training Centre


Feeding Management I
Feeding Management II
Young stock Management
Proper Milking Procedures & Milk Quality
Housing Management
Breeding & Reproduction Management
Health Management
Udder Health Management
Hoof Health Management
Dairy Farm Economics

Description online modules dairy farm management 13-3-2021

10 online modules with a blended approach

  • 1 online module contains 3 lessons of 2 hours
    each week 1 lesson
  • Each module has to be completed in 1 month
  • Next to the online lessons, the trainee will
    conduct practical assignments in a dairy farm
  • Each module will be concluded with an exam
  • After the exam there is a personal online coaching
    session about the results and the subsequent
  • After passing the exam, the trainee will receive
    a certificate for the respective online training
  • The trainee is now ready to move on to practical

 Results after the training

At the end of the Course participants are able to:

  • Train practical lessons to students
  • To enter the PRACTICAL TRAININGS on dairy farm management

Teaching method in all modules:

You will be taught by experienced and qualified staff. Theory and practice are combined to create a variable and challenging environment.

Participants will be able to start one month before the training on the DTC E-Learning platform to have already all theory in their hands when the online lessons start. Different practical assignments have to be made by the participants.

Requirements for admission

Certificate level with minimum of 3 years practical experience in the dairy sector; good knowledge of the English language, both written and oral. Finally we expect your willingness to perform practical assignments / work during the programme.


Tuition fee is € 99,– for each module.

Fees include access to DTC E-learning platform which
contains service and training materials during the
length of the training (1 year).

Payment conditions

Tuition fees will be charged by invoice. Invoice must
be paid 2 weeks before the start of the training.

  • Startdatum Locatie
  • 01-01-2023 Online
  • Voorkennis
  • Certificate level with minimum of 3 years practical experience in the dairy sector; good knowledge of the English language, both written and oral.
  • Studiebelasting
  • 25 hours per module
  • Erkenning
  • Certifcate with name(s) of the online module
  • Doelgroep
  • Farmers, farm managers, herdmanagers, trainers of DTC franchisepartners, teachers, extension services
  • Studiematerialen
  • Given access to DTC E-learning platform. One month before training starts till 1 year entrance on the platform will be available.
  • Duur
  • Each month an online module of 3 x 2 hours will start
  • Datum
  • Feeding Management I; January 2023


    Feeding Management II; February 2023


    Young stock Management; March 2023


    Good  Milking Procedures & Milk Quality; April 2023


    Housing Management; May 2023


    Breeding & Reproduction Management;  June 2023


    Health Management; July 2023


    Udder Health Management; September 2023


    Hoof Health Management; October 2023


    Dairy Farm Economics; November 2023

  • Tijd
  • 8.00-10.00 in the morning (NL-time)
  • Minimale aantal deelnemers
  • 10
  • Maximale aantal deelnemers
  • 15
  • Sluitingsdatum
  • 31 December 2023
  • Locatie
  • Online
  • Investering
  • 99 Euros for 1 module. We offer special prices for groups of 1 organization or company.
Cursus beoordeling
Willy Rop The training modules are flexible, well blended and rich with content on dairy farming across all levels of farmer abilities.