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Only for groups of minimum 6  persons










Farmers, professionals in the dairy value chain, processors, trainers (of DTC franchisepartners) teachers, trainers, extension services


The brochure will give you an insight in the different trainings we provide and the way you can achieve your results with it.

Our training methods are based on blended learning. We start with an introduction of a subject and after a short period you will find yourself back between the cows, in the grassland or in our processing factory, we believe in ‘seeing is believing’ and ‘learning by doing’!

We can offer our trainings for groups from 6 persons or more. Bigger groups we split, to get the maximum result out of the training and enough attention for everybody.

Our trainers are real trainers, so we are used to the blended including practical approach and by exercising the skills needed to run the farm or milk processing department.

So, if you want to develop your knowledge based on seeing is believing and your skills by doing the tasks during the training you are most welcome!


You will be trained on certain subjects out of the training brochure

The training willl be made tailormade based upon the wishes of the group.

  • Startdatum Locatie
  • DTC behoudt zich het recht voor om bij onvoldoende deelname de deelnemers tot 1 groep samen te voegen op 1 locatie
  • Voorkennis
  • Certificate level with 3 years practical experience in the dairy sector; good knowledge of the English language, both written and oral.
  • Erkenning
  • Certifcate
  • Duur
  • 1
  • Datum


  • Tijd
  • 9.00 -16.30 hours
  • Minimale aantal deelnemers
  • 6
  • Maximale aantal deelnemers
  • 15
  • Locatie
  • North of Netherlands
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Geen beoordelingen voor deze training