Cheese production

In this training we will provide you the basics of cheese making.
From raw milk till the ready product, the total process will be explained and trained in our processing facility.

Day 1. The cow and the dairy farm
The cow and the dairy farm: milking systems and storage of milk on the farm, quality control of cow
and milk on the dairy farm: cleaning and disinfecting including dairy farm visit.

Day 2. Composition and quality control
Composition and characteristics of milk, , milk collection, storage of raw milk at the plant, quality
control tests of raw milk, payment of raw milk, cleaning and disinfecting.

Day 3 and 4. Production of dairy products                                                                                                                                                                                                  Practical demo training in the production of cheese.

Day 5. marketing and quality assurance
The marketing of a small dairy plant, the content of a marketing plan and

  • Startdatum Locatie
  • Voorkennis
  • Education or training in food technology and/or agriculture. Relevant experience. Competence in the English language
  • Studiebelasting
  • 40 hours
  • Doelgroep
  • Dairy farms who want to start cheeseproduction, advisors, trainers, workers on dairy processing plant.

    For this training you can only participate with a group of minimum 5 persons.
    Please write your name in the subscription and in the field of remarks the number of participating persons.
    Above 5 persons we make a tailormade proposal for you.
  • Studiematerialen
  • DTC E-platform will be available with all coursematerials minimum 1 week before the training starts.
  • Duur
  • 1 Week, 5 trainingdays
  • Datum
  • Starts 6 March 2023

  • Minimale aantal deelnemers
  • 8
  • Maximale aantal deelnemers
  • 12
  • Sluitingsdatum
  • 14 November 2022
  • Locatie
  • North of Netherlands
  • Investering
  • 1,750 Euros coursefee incl. lunch, DTC can provide hotel (incl. breakfast) and transport from hotel-trainingaccomodation for 90 Euros per day
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Geen beoordelingen voor deze training