Successfull dairy training for veterinarians and managers of large scale dairy farms
Gepubliceerd op : 27 November 2017

Succesfull dairy Training for veterinarians and managers of large-scale dairy farms

DTC organized a practical training for large scale farm managers and veterinarians in close cooperation with GD (animal health). Theory is combined with practical and visual observations in the barn. Looking at cows and observe what they have to ‘say’. The translation is made and with farm data improvement plans and SOP are created. It is with great pleasure to host a group like this; practical dairy training at it’s best.

Cooperation between Dairy Training Centre and GD Animal Health

We have organised this 5-day Dairy training together with GD Animal Health. GD has launched its GD Academy to provide state of the art farm animal health teaching. Nationwide disease control programmes, up-to-date diagnostic services, epidemiology and applied animal research are the core activities of GD, which provide a unique environment for GD Academy.

For over 40 years now DTC conducts international training programs, consultancy and capacity building alongside the implementation of training projects all over the world.

Together, we can provide a perfect combination of theory and practice!