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Dairy Training Centre is the international training centre for dairy trainings and the development of specific expertise. Many students from all over the world are already being trained at our very modern training farm in The Netherlands. New acquired techniques and skills will be brought back to their farms anywhere in the world.

As an alternative to trainings in The Netherlands, we do set up (franchise) Dairy Training Centres abroad. After the selection of an Organisation and an existing dairy farm, this farm will be equipped adequately and adapted for trainings. Your  staff needs to be educated in The Netherlands and thereafter become trainer at the Dairy Training Centre in their own country. Annual refresher trainings for the trainers themselves at the head premises of Dairy Training Centre in The Netherlands will be part of this franchise formula.

For more information about this Franchise model for Dairy Training Centre, please feel free to contact Han Tellegen, Managing Director +31(0)651 366 216 (h.tellegen@dairytrainingcentre.com).