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Published on : 29 March 2018

Last week DTC Senior Trainer / Expert Ciska Anema accompanied the Dairy delegation of Georgia on their Trade mission tour, organised by The Netherlands Export Combination, visiting the new Beemster cheese factory CONO (see pictures), Arla factory at Nijkerk, Lekkerkerker processing equipment at Lopik, ERF1 (organic dynamic farm with milk processing) at Kampereiland, COKZ at Leusden, Henri Willig cheese factory at Heerenveen and De Gelder at Tijnje. The Georgian Dairy participants established a lot of links to do business with Dutch agricultural companies, so DTC will be one of the partners in tailor made trainings the coming half year to develop the private dairy sector in Georgia. Besides Dairy a program was executed simultaneously in the Meat sector!

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Published on : 26 February 2018

Last week DTC organised a special trainingcourse for large scale dairy farmmanagers from Iran. Besides farm visits and theory and practicals on healthmanagement the group visited as well Dairy Campus as DeLaval headoffice.

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Published on : 27 November 2017

DTC organized a practical training for large scale farm managers and veterinarians in close cooperation with GD (animal health). Theory is combined with practical and visual observations in the barn. Looking at cows and observe what they have to ‘say’. The translation is made and with farm data improvement plans and SOP are created. It is with great pleasure to host a group like this; practical dairy training at it’s best.

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Published on : 14 November 2017

From 5 till 11 November, DTC has organised by order of SNV, a trade mission for the board of the Meru Central Dairy Farmers Cooperative Union (Meru Union).
The Meru Union is the biggest milk processor in the eastern province of Kenya, with a daily intake of 180.000 liters of milk in the rainy season.

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Published on : 22 September 2017

The practical trainings that are typically for the Dairy Training Centre, are combined with online interventions in the form of E-learning modules and preparation of back home assignments. By the use of Blended learning, DTC is able to offer more effective and highly personalised trainings. Via the E-Learning platform, we allow our students to gain knowledge and insights, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

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