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The training center for dairy farming and milk processing


Here you will find information about the different courses we offer. For questions where you do not see an immediate answer please call us at
+31 (0)58 – 727 10 16 or send an email to: h.tellegen@dairytrainingcentre.com

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Dairy Training Centre manages a large varieties of Dairy Value Chain Projects all over the world. From small-scale feasibility studies in African countries, to large scale dairy farm efficiency improvement in China. With our expertise and team we can offer you a wide range of custom made training, efficiency improvement and feasibility studies. If you would like to improve your dairy farm or want to find out about our solutions & benefits, please write or call us!

Training: Dairy farming and entrepreneurship

Dairy farming and entrepreneurship is a 12-weeks course and contains 3 modules. Module 1: Dairy Cattle Nutrition, forage production and conservation. Module 2: Breeding, reproduction management, AI and pregnancy diagnosis. Module 3: Dairy farm management, economics and housing of dairy cattle.

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Training: Milk Processing and Entrepreneurship

Milk Processing consists of transferring raw milk into high quality dairy products which have extended shelf life, are safe to consume and comply with (inter)national standards. Entrepreneurship is the key factor in a sustainable dairy value addition business!

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Training: Dairy value chain

The training program consists of three modules organized within a six-week period. This set-up is for individual packages tailored to the requirements of the participants. Each module has a duration of two weeks and can be attended as ‘stand alone’. The total program is designed to provide a basic training in all aspects of running and managing a modern, medium sized dairy plant.

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Training: Marketing of dairy products

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Training: Dairy Cattle Nutrition

Correct feeding of dairy cows is one of the most crucial elements. You learn to make a ration calculation for your own heard and balance the nutrition value in comparison with your herd-projection. Different feeding strategies are explored and fitted on your own dairy farm.

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Training: Dairy farming and milk processing

Dairy Training Centre can offer you a wide range of practical trainings in the field of different specialities.

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Training: Smartfarming

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Training: Hoof Care

Hoofcare is an important aspect in modern Dairy husbandry. It is linked to every aspect of management. Lameness is reduced and prevented by good management and regular hoof trimming.

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Training: Train the trainer programs

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